We’ll help make sure free school meals go to the families that need them

Here at Asda, we’d love to help make sure children don’t miss out on meals, whether in term time or the holidays. That’s why, with initiatives including our e-gift cards going straight to families and online card redemption, we’re on the case to help provide more support to children.

More value, more convenience, more food on the table

Our discount of up to 4% on bulk purchases over £10,000, helps more schools and local education authorities buying gift cards, get even more value.

And it’s that same Asda value, which families up and down the UK have known for years. With an Asda gift card or e-gift card, the difference mums, dads and guardians everywhere feel in their pockets and, more importantly, on the table is a huge help.

Not the person who arranges free school meals vouchers for your organisation? Why not let the person who does, know now!

*This free school meal e-gift must be used for food groceries and should not be redeemed for any non-food items such as electronic goods, clothing, media, or any age-restricted items such as alcohol, cigarettes or lottery tickets.

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More reasons to choose Asda for free school meals

More affordable

Asda is all about saving money and living better. So doesn’t it make sense to help more families get more value from free school meals vouchers?

More discount

Our biggest discount of up to 4%, is available to schools and local education authorities for bulk purchases of £10,000 and over.

More direct

We’re not just about value. With our e-gift cards, you can cut out the time and cut down on hassle by letting us send vouchers straight to families, by email.

More convenient

As well as our e-gift cards being compatible with Apple and Google mobile wallets, parents and guardians can redeem Asda gift cards online and in-store at over 600 locations.

More reasons to REGISTER NOW

As you’d expect from Asda, registering is quick and easy. Once registered, you can make payments, track orders, and manage your account, all in one place.