Gift Card vs E-Gift Cards: Choosing the Right Option for Every Recipient

When it comes to showing appreciation or celebrating occasions, both gift cards and e-gift cards from Asda have become popular choices. While they both serve a similar purpose, it’s good to understand their differences to decide which type might be best suited for various individuals and situations. An e-gift card, easily storable on digital devices and integrate into Apple or Google Wallets, offers the distinct advantage of always being just a few clicks away, while a traditional supermarket gift card remains a great choice for the weekly shop in-store, or online.


About e-gift cards:

  • What are e-gift cards? An e-gift card is a digital gift card, delivered via email. The recipient receives a code, which they can use to make purchases online or in-store. E-gift cards are ideal for those who are tech-savvy or for last-minute gifts, as they can be purchased and received instantly, making them incredibly convenient.
  • How does an e-gift card work? Buying an e-gift card involves selecting the card value, entering the recipient’s details, and completing the transaction online. Once bought, the e-gift card can be sent directly to recipients or to a designated person for distribution with instructions on how to use the card. They can redeem the value of the card by entering the provided code at checkout when shopping online, or by presenting a digital code at a physical store.
  • E-Gift Cards for Immediate Gifting: For spontaneous gifts, such as congratulating someone on a recent achievement an e-gift card is practical and shows you care. It allows you to celebrate with the recipient almost instantaneously, no matter the distance. You can even buy e-gift cards in bulk and distribute them over time to reward or support staff quickly and efficiently.
  • Digital Gift Card Benefits: A digital gift card is perfect for those constantly connected. They’re especially suitable for students or busy professionals who prefer transacting online. The benefits of an e-gift card include immediate delivery, no risk of loss or theft of a physical card, and the environmentally friendly aspect of reducing plastic and paper use.


About physical gift cards:

  • Advantages of Physical Gift Cards: Physical gift cards are tangible and can be gifted as a traditional card or a beautifully wrapped package. They can be particularly appreciated by those who value a physical item to hold on to, such as elderly people or those less comfortable with technology. Physical gift cards can be used in-store and online.
  • Occasions for Gift Cards: Traditional gift cards are excellent for occasions where you can hand-deliver the gift, such as work anniversaries, or as a thank you to staff at the end of busy periods to reward their dedication and hand work. They provide a sense of occasion and can be accompanied by a personal message.


Accessibility Considerations:

When buying gift cards, consider the recipient’s access to technology. While young adults may prefer the ease of a digital gift card, others may not have the means or desire to redeem an e-gift card. In such cases, a physical supermarket gift card could be the better option, as it’s universally accessible and straightforward to use.

Choosing between a physical gift card and an e-gift card depends on the recipient’s lifestyle, preferences, and your relationship with them. Understanding how an e-gift card works helps in selecting the right kind of gift, ensuring it’s both thoughtful and useful. Whether you opt for the traditional route or go digital, the gesture remains the same—a convenient and flexible way to show
you care.

For more information on the wide range of both physical and e-gift cards offered by Asda, visit our gift card & e-gift card page. We cater to all your gift card needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for any occasion and recipient.