Gift cards for SMEs ...rewarding you and your employees

If you’re a SME who’s not rewarding your staff, you could be missing out on a great way to motivate employees and increase staff retention. Research by American Express found that a massive 94% of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) provide gifts as a way to reward employees1. They also found that more than half do this because they want to increase motivation in the workforce, and 34% of SMEs have seen enhanced retention rates by passing on rewards to their staff. So, talk to us at Asda for Business about how our gift cards can help you reward your staff.

How Asda for Business Gift Cards can help SMEs

We work with all sorts of SMEs to help them provide gift cards for staff whether they are looking to boost employee motivation, incentivise teams, or even complement existing company perks and employee benefits.

Asda for Business - for the perfect SME gift cards

SMEs are the powerhouses of the British economy. 16 million people are employed in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and so rewarding and incentivising these staff and providing small business incentives is a real challenge. That’s where Asda for Business can help.

A gift card to suit your business

All SMEs are different. Whether you’re a tiny business, partnership or sole trader, or employ more staff, one thing you can do to improve business is to offer rewards – to customers or staff. We offer gift cards for small businesses, medium sized businesses, and other organisations such as charities, universities and councils too.

Ordering gift cards for a business is easy with Asda

Whether you want to reward high-performing staff, create an employee of the month reward, give a thank you gift or a suitable reward for long service recognition, we can help. You can even use Asda for Business gift cards to reward customer loyalty or for customer acquisition. Whatever you need, talk to our dedicated account team and they can help you.

Employee rewards your staff really want

Not all gift cards are created equal. By choosing an Asda gift card to reward your staff, you are choosing so much more than a gift. Our gift cards mean your staff or customers can choose from thousands of products online at or in one of our 600+ stores throughout the UK. They can put it towards the weekly shopping, towards something special, for clothes or something for their home. In fact, with an Asda pre-loaded gift card they can choose from thousands products, from spaghetti to scatter cushions and chocolate to chairs. So, say thank you, well done or congratulations to your staff or your customers with Asda gift cards.

How to get more from your Asda for Business gift cards

How can rewarding staff with an Asda gift cards help your small or medium sized business? By highlighting your employee rewards programme when interviewing you can be sure you’ll attract the best staff, and by rewarding either individuals or teams you can increase staff motivation.

Here are some examples of how the SMEs we work with use their business gift cards

Employee rewards and recognition

Some SMEs reward an employee of the week or month, others reward staff for meeting targets, for a thank you or well done, or use gift cards as a way to reward long service.

Incentives and sales promotions

Whether you’re incentivising staff or running a promotion to clients or customers, an Asda gift card is perfect.

Customer acquisition and customer retention

A gift card giveaway can be a great way to attract new customers, reward loyal ones or enhance existing benefit schemes.

Christmas and secret Santa gifts

An Asda gift card makes the perfect festive gift for staff, clients or customers. And what better secret Santa gift than a gift card that recipients can use to chose their own gift!

Motivation in the workplace

A gift card is one of the best ways to motivate employees. Whether it’s for meeting targets, great teamwork or anything else, an Asda gift card is always well received.

Staff and customer loyalty

Using Asda gift cards to reward loyal staff or customers – means your employees will feel highly valued for their skills and contribution, and you’ll see better staff retention rates too. Customers love a freebie or give-away, especially something like an Asda gift card which they can use for whatever they want.

There are plenty more benefits for your SME too

  • Get up to 4% discount when you buy gift cards in bulk
  • You can choose open value or pre-loaded gift cards – from £1 to £1,000
  • It’s quick and easy to register
  • Asda Gift cards are sent to you in 3 working days
  • Our gift cards can be used in 600+ stores or on
  • Cards are fully manageable and re-loadable online.
Choose Asda gift cards and relax…

Choosing employee incentives that will appeal to everyone can be tough. But what better way than to use a gift card that lets your staff buy whatever they want from a brand they know and love? Asda for Business gift cards are perfect for SMEs, partnerships, sole traders and more.