How Can I Engage Employees with Company Goals?

Engaging employees with company goals is imperative for the success of any business, ensuring that individual¬†objectives are aligned with the broader vision of the organisation. In this blog post, we delve into various tactics to foster this alignment, with a focus on the power of rewards and incentives. From supermarket gift cards to bespoke team incentive ideas, let’s explore how to motivate your staff to meet and surpass both personal goals and company targets.


  • Understanding the Importance of Employee Engagement: Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organisation and its goals. Engaged employees are more productive, have higher job satisfaction, and are instrumental in driving a company towards its objectives. It is through effective engagement that employees become active participants in the company’s journey to success.
  • Aligning Goals with Employee Rewards and Incentives: To foster a sense of purpose and motivation, employee rewards and incentives should be tied to the achievement of key company milestones. This validates the efforts of your staff, demonstrate appreciation, and encourage continued success.
  • Personalised Goals and Incentives: Recognise individual achievements by setting specific, measurable goals. Tailoring incentives to each employee’s role and performance can lead to increased job satisfaction. For example, giving a supermarket gift card from Asda for business to an employee who has exceeded their sales targets not only rewards their effort but also supports their everyday life.
  • Team Incentive Ideas: Foster a collaborative environment by implementing team incentive ideas. Group rewards can promote unity and shared responsibility towards company goals. Consider a team outing or a group experience as a reward for teams that meet their collective objectives or contribute significantly to a project’s completion.
  • Company Incentives for Milestones: Celebrate major company milestones with incentives that involve the entire workforce. This could range from an office-wide event to a bonus scheme. It highlights the importance of collective contribution and keeps everyone geared towards the company’s overarching aims.
  • Supermarket Gift Card Programmes: One of the simplest yet effective incentive ideas for staff is the supermarket gift card. Readily available and universally appreciated, supermarket gift cards from Asda offer flexibility and choice, allowing employees to benefit from a wide array of products to suit their needs. Whether it’s for grocery shopping, homeware, fashion or personal treats, these gift cards are a practical way to say ‘well done’.
  • Implementing an Incentive Scheme: To roll out an effective incentive scheme, clear communication of goals, transparent tracking of progress, and timely recognition are essential. Regular check-ins and updates ensure everyone is aligned with the company’s trajectory. Recognising milestones as they are achieved keeps the team engaged and focused on the next set of objectives.


Engaging employees with company goals requires a blend of clear communication, recognition of achievement, and thoughtful rewards. By incorporating incentive ideas such as supermarket gift cards, personalised goals, and team incentives, you create a culture of appreciation and motivation. These actions not only help achieve company objectives but also ensure that employees feel valued and integral to the company’s success.

For more information on how Asda for Business can support your employee incentive schemes with supermarket gift cards, visit our gift card & e-gift card page. Embrace the power of meaningful rewards and watch your team’s engagement with company goals soar.