How to plan the ultimate work summer party

With the warm sun shining, it’s the perfect time to bring your team together for a memorable celebration that will leave everyone with big smiles and lasting memories. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or thinking big, we’ll guide you through some of the best ideas to make your work summer party the talk of the town. 

So, let’s dive in and you can start planning an unforgettable summer social that will have your colleagues eagerly counting down the days.


How to plan your office summer party 

The key to planning a successful office summer party is to create an enjoyable experience that encourages team bonding and celebrates your employees. To achieve this, it is important to consider everyone’s preferences, incorporate fun activities, and foster a positive atmosphere so you can create an event that strengthens the spirits of your team and leaves a lasting impression. Some things to consider during the planning process include: 


Choosing a suitable date and venue

Prior to deciding your activities, you’ll need to think about the availability of both your location and your staff, the convenience of the location, as well as its capacity. Outdoor venues like parks or beaches are the obvious choice for summer parties, but it’s always important to have a backup option in case of bad weather.


Creating a budget

You’ll also need to agree on a budget for the party, including the expenses for renting your venue, any decorations, food and drinks, and any additional activities. Consider allocating funds for employee recognition, or buying gift bags in bulk for your staff to enhance the atmosphere.

Corporate gift cards are great to consider when planning your summer party budget. With Asda for Business corporate e-gift cards, you can buy all the things you need for your summer party. Whether it’s decorations, food, or bulk buying gift boxes, you can plan the ultimate summer party with our gift cards without breaking the bank. 


Plan engaging activities

You’ll also need to plan an activity that appeals to the interests of all of your staff. Although this can be difficult, consider team-building exercises, games, and icebreaker activities. This will provide your employees with the opportunity to relax and socialise with each other.


Top 5 work summer party ideas

 1. Organise a summer BBQ

If you’re looking for a simple and easy to plan office party idea, why not arrange a summer barbecue where employees can indulge in an array of mouthwatering grilled food? 

All you need to do is set up a barbecue station with different meats, vegetables, and vegan options. You can even go one step further and decorate your area with outdoor seating, string lights, and summer-themed decorations. 


2. Take a trip to the races

The races are always a staff favourite when it comes to an end of summer party, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. 

This summer event idea will give your staff the chance to relax, enjoy the view, and watch their favourite horse win. Racecourses often have hospitality boxes that are ideal for work summer parties. These come with a number of different catering options, including a sit-down meal or light buffet, so that your staff can have something to eat throughout the day.

Clothing is also a major part of going to the races, giving your staff the perfect opportunity to dress up in their favourite attire. However, clothing can be expensive, especially due to the cost of living crisis – meaning that putting the appropriate attire together might not always be easy. As part of your employee reward scheme, why not gift your staff corporate vouchers for some new attire? 

Introducing employee rewards like this can be great for improving motivation, and will give your staff the freedom to wear what they want so they can look and feel their best.


3. Host a summer olympics

A more affordable summer office party idea is to host an office summer olympics. This competitive and fun team-building event will allow you to come up with some unique activities that the staff will love, all while leaving them in a great mood. 

Why not consider purchasing a few games, like this Franklin Fun Combo Kit? With this outdoor kit, you can set up various stations for different activities, including Badminton, Volleyball, Flip Toss, Ring Toss and Flying Disc.

Not only can you have all of your staff members dress in their activewear, but you can also mix up each department to assign them to different teams, to give everyone a chance to socialise with each other. This end of summer work party idea is fantastic for team bonding, and could be an affordable option. 


4. Introduce a games night

Hosting a games party can also be fun for everyone involved.  

Board games can provide staff with some entertaining memories and allow them to interact together, without the distraction of technology. 

After work, why not host your games night in an outdoor area (like a local park) so you can soak up the evening sun with your colleagues? Let your staff select a board game of their choice to bring to your company social. 

This will allow there to be a diverse range of games for your games night, and your employees might even be able to try out some games they’ve never heard of. But remember, it’s important to try and keep the game choices short, so that people have time to play everything – and allow some time for them to be able to socialise with each other, too. 


5. Take a visit to your local bar for some after work drinks

A simple, yet effective option, hosting some after work drinks is a tried and tested activity that can work great in the summer, and all-year-round, too. Having your summer party in a social setting surrounded by other people could be a great way to put your colleagues at ease, and make the bonding process much easier and less intimidating. 

Requesting a designated area where all your staff can sit and take in the summer rays will mean that every member of staff is guaranteed a place to sit, ensuring that all your staff can remain together to socialise. Especially if your workspace is located in, or near a city centre, this can help make the planning process much easier, as there will be many outdoor options to choose from. 


What to wear to a work summer party 

When attending a work summer party, it’s important to dress appropriately while still feeling relaxed and comfortable. If your employees are unsure about how to dress for an office summer party, here are some basic tips that your employees can follow: 

Check the dress code: Before deciding on your outfit, check the dress code provided by your workplace, especially if you’re going to be taking part in an activity that requires you to be active (or that can get messy!). This will give you a clear idea of what is appropriate and help you with your decision.

Footwear: It’s important that they also wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for the activities that you will be taking part in. If you’re simply going for drinks or relaxing in the park, sandals and other stylish flat shoes could be a great option. However, if your summer social involves more athletic activities, breathable trainers might be a better choice. 

With a few Asda for Business gift-cards and e-gift cards, your employees can browse for ideas at George and put together the appropriate attire without worrying about the cost. 


Why are social activities important for your colleagues? 

With more and more studies highlighting the importance of social activities and their significance in increasing job satisfaction, as well as creating a positive work culture, other benefits of introducing social activities into the workplace also include: 

  • Building relationships
  • Strengthening communication and collaboration
  • Encouraging creativity 
  • Promoting mental well-being
  • Enhanced employee retention

By investing in social initiatives and staff bonding activities, you can create an environment where your employees thrive to result in a more engaged and motivated workforce.

So, if you’re looking for a place to start, our Asda for Business corporate gift cards and e-gift cards for employees are the perfect way to start planning – acting as the perfect employee reward.