Looking after staff: Preparing for a return to the office

Are you ready for a return to the office?

There was a collective sigh of relief in February, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out a four-step roadmap to ease restrictions, and provide what we all hope, is a return to a more “normal” way of life. Although economic recovery is not necessarily dependent on people returning to work, after spending so much time away, there will be a large percentage looking and wanting to return to the office.

There are of course still so many “unknowns” about a return to the office, yet there are things that employers can consider – which we can split into two phases. 


Returning to the office straight away 

It may feel like a bit of a HR nightmare, given the additional rules and regulations that companies and staff must follow on their return to work. If the recommended guidelines are adhered to, it’s very likely that it will run smoothly. 

Desk spacing, sanitizer stations and even staggered start times are just some of the “light” measures people will take, and hopefully over the coming months and years, these can be relaxed as well.

Returning to work in the medium/long term

It may be that your organisation has agreed for staff to remain at home until the vaccination process is all but complete, and if that’s the case, there’s slightly more time to plan for your safe return.

The delay might give companies time to analyse data from elsewhere and watch how other places manage the safe return of staff to the workplace.

What we must all remember is that it will soon return to “business as usual” and that we have only just begun the early steps back. 

Whatever point your business is at on the journey, you can still reward staff for their ongoing efforts in a variety of ways.

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