So you’ve decided on gift cards for staff. But which one?

There’s a standing joke within the HR industry. It concerns the idea that when people retire from a long stint at a company, or are celebrating a long anniversary, they’ll invariably end up with a gift they don’t really want–or need.

As well-intentioned as that gift may be, does anyone really want a gaudy carriage clock, or yet another watch?

Nobody really needs those things. Even if they’re engraved with the recipient’s name!

We all want freedom

And that’s where something that would give your recipients more freedom of choice would be much more thoughtful.

But the main point is, that if you get the gift card right, the recipient gets just what they want, not what you want.

And that, after all, is the main idea of rewarding staff or saying thank you.

But where to start?

The starting point: the M&S Gift Card

With an M&S Gift Card, the recipient will have all the fayre that M&S offers, including food, selected homewares and of course money towards the brand’s clothing range.

They offer this, alongside a large store network, a sales team and naturally, that well-known brand recognition.

It won’t surprise you to hear similar brands do the same, such as Sainsbury’s Gift Cards and Waitrose, who in partnership with John Lewis Partnership Gift Cards offer a similar product.

The Asda for Business gift card makes sense. Here’s why

But here’s where the Asda for Business gift card comes into its own for a combination of three main reasons:

Firstly, whilst other brands may offer discounts, the Asda for Business gift card offers discounts that are not only clearly set out for businesses, but great value, too. For instance, if you as a business spend £1,000 to £10,000, you’ll receive a discount of 2.5%. Spend £10,000 or more and your discount will rise to 4%, so you can see quickly where the value to your business might be with Asda.

Secondly, value for your staff. Asda has made its name in offering quality products at great value. And that’s across its national network of grocery stores, Asda Living stores, George outlets and of course, everything online, including But what about all those products …

… lastly: choice! When you consider your staff will have the pick of everything from homewares and electricals and from food to fashion, online and in-store, there’s a well-known saying that springs to mind that may no longer be true: you can’t please all the people all of the time.

Maybe, with an Asda Gift Card, you can.