A better choice than Amazon gift cards this Christmas? We think so.

This will probably come as an enormous shock, so brace yourselves, but we’re convinced that gift cards make perfect sense for your office Christmas gifts. You don’t have to second-guess everyone’s TV/beverage/fashion habits, and you prevent the money you spend going to waste on unwanted tat. It’s genuinely a bit sad to think of the money, effort and physical waste that come from an unwanted gift.

Most importantly, you avoid those nightmare moments. Where a co-worker is looking at a gift with utter confusion, whilst saying “Ooh! I was just looking at these the other day! Wasn’t I, Karen?”.

It’s the sadness in the eyes that gives the truth away.

So let’s avoid those moments entirely with gift cards. They’ll save you time, stress and reduce waste. But what makes an Asda for Business gift card a better choice than, say, Amazon corporate gift cards? We’re going to try and convince you that with Asda for Business gift cards, you can be a little more inclusive, without limiting your choice.

Everything from A to Z? Not quite

Giving your colleagues a little choice in their Christmas gift is a big deal. You’re helping them justify those little treats and making your company’s contribution actually mean something to them.

Sometimes it’s not a smart speaker, bottle of bubbly or a box set. It’s something that isn’t sexy, fun or flashy. That people might not actually ask for, even though they need it.

It’s a little help for the big day.

The mounting pressure of putting on a flawless show on the big day can create incredible stress, coupled with the expense of hosting, it can be a day that people aren’t exactly looking forward to.

You see, just like Amazon corporate gift cards, your Asda for Business gift cards will get your co-workers their Bluetooth speakers and celebrity perfumes. But when you choose our gift cards over those Amazon incentives, you’re also giving them the choice of offsetting the cost of the biggest feast of the year. They can use their gift cards at hundreds of Asda stores nationwide for everything from an Extra Special Beef Wellington to Grower’s Selection sprouts (top tip: stop boiling them into oblivion, start grilling them with balsamic and parmesan. You’re welcome).

Bringing that cost down helps people actually enjoy the day. So, if you want to give your colleagues the breathing room to enjoy the big day, we might give you a little more choice than Amazon corporate gift cards do.

Gifting them…any number of feelings.

There’s a big misconception about gift cards. That they’re an easy choice. And we’d like to believe that, with over 600 stores including Asda Living and online at George.com, Asda for Business gift cards are an easy choice to make.

But they’re not lazy. As we mentioned, you can be giving someone the freedom to get the things they might be a bit reticent to ask for. Who ever put a turkey on their Christmas list, despite it being something you actually need?

Or you can be giving someone the choice to get the slightly-better speaker that was just out of budget by adding a little of their own money.

Perhaps you’re giving them permission for that Extra Special treat without anyone having to feel selfish.

All of these are genuine feelings that rank a lot higher than ‘Oh…that’s nice’. That they stop you wasting resources on unwanted bric-a-brac is just another bonus.

Asda for Business gift cards make the perfect employee Christmas gifts. Amazon incentives may seem like all things to all people, but we think we’ve got them pipped at the post.

Easy to buy, easy to manage online

Once you’ve registered your business with us, you’ll be able to manage and order gift cards from our handy online hub. Easy peasy. And you can pick the type of gift card that suits you best: fixed denominations, specific amounts, or paperless e-gift cards.

Your business will get a little bonus in the Christmas stocking the more you spend, too. You’ll get a 2.5% discount for gift cards totalling between £1,000 and £10,000, and above that you’ll get 4%. We’ve put together a useful discount calculator here, or jump here to register if you’re ready to get started.

There’s so much pressure to deliver the perfect Christmas Day. With Asda for Business gift cards, you can get your colleagues something that they could really use: one less thing to worry about.