Nothing says a job well done like…

Nothing says a job well done like… well, like a raise does. Or a promotion. But even if you’re the MD, CEO, Big Kahuna/Cheese/Boss, things don’t always go your way.

Budgets, bad timing and politics can prevent those bigger rewards from coming to fruition. That’s all a little beyond our remit though, so we’re going to stay in our lane and talk about end of year staff gifts as a way of showing your people some love.

In this case, Asda for Business gift cards work particularly well too, because they can be used flexibly for everything from weekly groceries to TVs to champagne. So your brilliant colleagues get to choose what’s right for them, instead of being saddled with an expensive white elephant.

It doesn’t hurt, either, that these end of year staff gifts can be given without jumping through legal hoops and getting ten levels of sign-off. They make rewarding staff a more reactive, light-hearted and most importantly, easy thing to do. So much so that you’ll be looking for excuses to do it (If you think of anything particularly creative, let us know!).

Good, gooder, goodest 

Not all achievements in the office are equal. Or easy to quantify at all. Someone who’s stayed late to get the order out of the door might enjoy the equivalent of a fancy meal with a bottle of wine. Someone who has helped stop a valued client taking their business elsewhere might have earned the equivalent of a new TV. Or fancy barbecue. Or even a sofa –it’s up to them, don’t forget.

Even more interesting are the little kindnesses that might not turn a profit, but they’re invaluable to office morale. The co-worker who helped change a flat tyre, or empties the dishwasher every morning. Or the one who always speaks up for the team members having a tough time.

Asda for Business gift cards, and in particular end of year staff gifts, are a great way to shine a spotlight on those absolute saints who are good people just for the sake of it.

Not just for Christmas

Christmas isn’t always the best time to let your staff know they’ve played a blinder. After all, if your Secret Santa is on the 18th of December, who’s going to celebrate the people who keep the ship afloat over the festive period? You can be sure nobody will remember 11 and a half months later!

By creating a reward and gifting culture outside of Christmas, you take off the shackles and become a more modern workplace. A company where those rewards, and that recognition aren’t tied to the yearly appraisal cycle. And where the ad-hoc good Samaritan gets an immediate ‘Thank you’.

You start to build an environment of light-heartedness, boosted morale and random acts of kindness. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Just don’t forget to stock up on Asda for Business gift cards in advance…

New year, new gear

After the indulgence of December, New Year is when we see plenty of colleagues taking up new hobbies, interests and, inevitably, diets. These often require some bits and pieces to get started, and are a great use for an end of year staff gift. When your gift helps someone get started jogging, cooking, or meditation, it’s a gift card well used.

Don’t forget those lovely clients 

Some of the best co-workers you’ll have all year might not even be in your company! We’ve all worked with, shall we say, tricky people. So, when you’ve got a fantastic contact at a client company, it doesn’t hurt to let them know.

After a long year of graft with those golden customers, why not send them an Asda for Business gift card along with a little suggestion of how to spend it? Maybe they mentioned being a fan of Spanish reds, or Game of Thrones. Obviously you’re giving them all the choice in the world, but giving them a few suggestions is always a lovely touch.

What’s an end of year staff gift look like? 

Christmas is a piece of fruity cake (with Wensleydale), compared to choosing end of year gifts. Wine, jumpers, adventure days… it’s well established. But for the end of one year, and the start of another, what’s the choice? Especially considering that everyone just got an injection of gadgets, gizmos and gladrags from their families.

Well, who knows? But that’s why Asda for Business gift cards continue to be a great choice. With over 600 Asda stores, including Asda Living and, the choice is theirs. Maybe it’s a food shop for an adventure in veganism. Perhaps it’s head-to-toe lycra for jogging/cycling/crime-fighting? We don’t know, and thankfully we don’t need to.

Start the new year with a big ‘Thank You’  

Once you’ve registered here, you can easily buy and manage your gift cards in our online hub. You’ve got flexibility over the kind of cards you’d like to get, too, with fixed denominations, specific amounts, and paperless e-gift cards that can be emailed in an instant.

The more gifting you do, the more your company can save on each order, too. You’ll save 2.5% on Asda for Business gift card purchases between £1,000 and £10,000, and 4% above that.

The people who make everyone’s day at work are hard to find. Thankfully, ways to reward them aren’t, thanks to Asda for Business gift cards.