Corporate thank you gifts for clients

Why corporate gifting is important

Building a great business is all about relationships, and corporate thank you gifts are a great tool for building, maintaining, and strengthening relationships, all while reinforcing your brand and promoting awareness.

A nice gesture creates a positive and lasting impression on your clients, partners, and employees. Additionally, personalised corporate gifts for clients can demonstrate that you value their tastes and preferences. This can lead to a deeper connection and an increased sense of loyalty so that clients can feel genuinely understood and cared for.

Corporate gifts for clients

With employee appreciation and employee reward schemes being a well-discussed topic, clients and partners shouldn’t be overlooked in the process. 

Though not the obvious choice, an Asda for Business corporate gift card can be a great gift to nourish your client relationships and promote your brand awareness. Why? Because that way, you can remind them of your brand all year round, all while offering them something they will use and cherish – to ultimately give them more value.

At the start of a new partnership, most organisations will usually want to impress their clients and give them a great first impression, meaning that they’ll spend on luxury products with more prestige, rather than on products that provide value. 

But is there a time when you are past these formalities? Maintaining a strong relationship is certainly important, but it’s also good to introduce an added element of flexibility for clients. 


Freedom of Choice

It’s no secret that the cost of living crisis has affected many people. A little gesture of appreciation in times like this is all that’s needed to say ‘thank you’ to your clients, reminding them that good work often stems from a team effort (with them!). 

As a company gift, why not express your appreciation in a way that ensures that everyone who worked on your project gets to celebrate? With a corporate gift card, you can give your clients the power of choice. This way, recipients can pick and choose what they want, ensuring that your corporate gift is practical, and something they will genuinely love.


Tailored to their needs

When your business gift can be used in various ways, it gives the recipient more chances to remember you as the giver — and strengthen that client relationship even further. Whether the recipient uses it for a fun pizza night with friends, to get themselves a new set of skincare products, or to buy a gift for their loved ones, a corporate voucher can become a regular treat in their daily life.

As an organisation, it’s easy to only be aware of your client’s specific requirements within working hours. With a business gift like corporate gift cards, clients are encouraged to choose items that match their tastes. 

This not only serves as a wonderful way to say ‘thank you’, but also showcases an added layer of personalisation, demonstrating your attentiveness and regard for them as someone who is more than just a client but as a person, too.


With Asda stores being conveniently located across the UK, clients can treat themselves by visiting a nearby store at their convenience, eliminating the hassle of travelling a long way, or searching for suitable redemption locations just to be able to treat themselves. 

This way, your clients can enjoy the benefits of their corporate gift without any additional effort, providing them with a delightful and stress-free experience. 

Flexibility for the Future

Luxury gifts are typically a one-time thing. There’s magic in that, but sometimes, luxury gifts might not always help to create a lasting impression in the long run. 

With an Asda for Business gift card, recipients can decide when and how to use it, allowing them the flexibility to make the most of their corporate gifts. Whether your clients want to indulge in a one-time shopping spree or save the card for a later date, the choice is entirely theirs. This flexibility ensures that your gift continues to bring joy and convenience to your clients, long after they receive it. 

Creating your own corporate gift hampers

If you’re looking for some more corporate gift ideas, why not try personalising your gift even more? You can do this easily by putting some corporate gift boxes together for a memorable gesture.

For a more generic option that everyone will love, why not include an afternoon tea box complete with tea, biscuits, and fudge? Alternatively, you could try flowers and a chocolate gift basket, as long as there is a nice selection regarding the recipient’s different dietary requirements. Additionally, corporate wine gifts could also be a great pick. 

Branded gifts and packaging can also be useful to differentiate your brand. So, when it comes to the packaging of your corporate gift hamper, you may want to try personalising a few bulk gift boxes and bulk gift bags with your own brand and message.  

If you’re looking for something else, Asda for Business corporate gift cards and digital e-gift cards are another great choice. This way, you can show them that you care all year round, all while providing them with a corporate gift that is flexible, convenient, and most importantly, caters to their specific needs.