Empowering Employees and their families during back-to-school season

As the back-to-school season approaches, businesses have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being. This can be achieved by extending support to their families. In this blog post, we’ll explore various strategies to effectively support your staff as they navigate the challenges of the back-to-school season.

How to support your staff during the back-to-school season

Create a flexible work environment

One of the most meaningful ways to support working parents is by offering flexible work arrangements. By allowing employees to adjust their schedules or adopt hybrid working models, you’re acknowledging the challenges they face during the school year. This flexibility empowers parents to manage drop-offs, pick-ups, and school events without sacrificing their professional responsibilities. By accommodating their needs, you strengthen your commitment to cultivating a supportive work culture. 


Encourage time off

Demonstrate your commitment to work-life balance by actively encouraging employees to take time off for significant school-related events. Whether it’s attending parent-teacher meetings, school performances, or special occasions, promoting this practice communicates the value you place on family priorities. Supporting employees in balancing their personal and professional lives fosters a positive workplace environment.


Focus on Work/Life Balance

With kids being at school for most of the day and extracurricular activities in the afternoon, achieving a work-life balance becomes paramount. Guide your employees on maintaining this equilibrium and enjoying quality time with their children. Encourage them to utilise their time off! Log off at the end of their workday, and disconnect from work responsibilities outside of working hours. Leading by example underscores the importance of this balance.


Supportive employee rewards 

The challenges of the back-to-school season aren’t limited to parents of school-age children. New research shows that parents in England spend 80% of their pay on childcare. Have you considered employee rewards as a means to help alleviate the financial burden? One idea is tailoring an employee reward scheme to provide support during this season which could include corporate gift cards or corporate gift vouchers that empower your staff to manage the expenses associated with the back-to-school season.  Asda for Business gift cards can be put towards the costs of school uniforms, footwear, and even new stationery. Plus the gift cards offer the advantage of Asda’s value and secured low prices, ensuring recipients can obtain quality products at amazingly low prices. This could even leave some extra pounds to surprise their kids with a new lunchbox, or school bag for their first day back! 

You could even go a step further and consider investing in bulk gift bags or bulk gift boxes, filling and creating your own hampers as a sign of appreciation, including an Asda gift card would be the icing on the cake!  This personalised gesture not only shows care but also enhances employee satisfaction and engagement.

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